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Get Some Help: An e-course on how to hire your first VA

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Let’s see if any of this sounds familiar to you…

• You’re overwhelmed with your work – your To Do list is never-ending, and at the end of the day you’re never satisfied that you accomplished everything you set out to do.

• The thought of taking a vacation is almost comical – how would you possibly get everything done? Your customers would be so disappointed because you’d never be able to keep serving them if you walked away from your business for a week!

• You’ve got big dreams and goals for your business, but right now you’re so busy in the day to day running of the business that you haven’t got the time to even think through those plans, let alone act on them. You can’t grow your business because you’re barely treading water where you are right now.

If you found yourself in those descriptions, even just a little bit, then it’s time to get some help! 

Welcome to Get Some Help: How to Hire Your First VA!

In this course you will:

• Determine the type of help you need – is a VA right for you?

• Figure out the financial aspects of hiring someone for your business.

• Make a plan for finding the right VA for you and your business.

• Be ready to interview & hire the VA of your dreams.

• Learn how to actually work with a VA once you’ve hired someone.

The course includes…

– a PDF file - immediately downloadable upon purchasing the course - which will guide you through a week of pre-course preparations

– six lessons, released once per week as an automated e-mail course

– worksheets, references, and extra resources to help you find and hire the right VA for you

- a full PDF of all of the course lessons + extra materials, delivered at the end of the course so you can refer to it again and again without diving through your inbox.

The content covers:

– how to know if you’re ready to hire a VA

– financial considerations for hiring someone to work in your business

– how to develop an ideal VA profile (the skills & traits you want them to have)

– identifying the business tasks you can pass on to a VA

– pinpointing the type of business you want to run and the type of boss you want to be

– creating a job ad for your VA

– compiling interview questions

– creating a VA/client agreement to use as a way to establish a business relationship when you hire a VA

– resources for identifying what type of VA you want/need, where to find a VA, making sure you’re doing it properly in the eyes of the IRS, and establishing a working relationship/boundaries with your VA

As soon as you purchase you'll be able to download the pre-course materials (that's why this e-course is only 4 pages, because you'll get the BIG 46-page document at the end). I'll also send you an e-mail to guide you through those materials during the first week.

After that, you'll receive one e-mail per week for a total of 6 weeks.

Each e-mail contains that week's lesson, along with resources + worksheets to help you prepare to hire your first Virtual Assistant.

About the Instructor:

My name is Jess, and I work as a VA to an amazing group of small business owners. My clients have diverse backgrounds and projects, from professional knitting instructors to magazine editors and business consultants. My mission is to help small business owners get more done and make more progress toward their goals than they could do without me.

In a past life I was also a high school teacher, and I have two graduate degrees in Education along with a BA in Literature. My husband and I live in Nashville and I work part-time from home while home-schooling my 3 kiddos and wrangling a menagerie of pets.

"Jess supports without pressure. She has a perspective that is both inside and outside of my business, and helps me move forward in ways that are more fun than when I was doing it alone." - Deb Robson,

"I now cannot imagine trying to run my business without Jess. She is not just a contractor who helps with non-essential items, she is a valued team member who is key to my business’ overall success." - Gwen Bortner,


This is an online course which is delivered via e-mail right here through Gumroad. You'll immediately be able to download the pre-course materials as soon as you buy, and then you'll receive one e-mail lesson per week for 6 weeks after that.

Have any questions? E-mail me: 

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Get Some Help: An e-course on how to hire your first VA

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