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Get Started as a Virtual Assistant

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This guidebook will take you through the whole process of setting yourself up for a successful career as a virtual assistant.

You’ll learn:

  • how to identify not only your marketable skills, but also the hidden talents that will launch you right to the top of your perfect client’s wish list
  • how to craft a VA resume, and figure out which services you want to offer to your prospective clients
  • how to set up your emails so you can manage multiple inboxes
  • how I pay my taxes as a VA
  • how to find your first clients

This guidebook contains everything you need to start your career as a Virtual Assistant, from someone who has been there! I worked as a Virtual Assistant for 4 years, and loved every minute of it. Every day, creative business owners are looking for quality assistants they can hire for their businesses - that could be you!

As a bonus, everyone who purchases the guidebook by May 1 gets access to a FREE Q+A session with me, to answer any questions you have about working as a Virtual Assistant!

About the Author

Jess Cook works as a First Officer, Problem Solver, and Project Manager for a handful of amazing creative business owners. Before that, she was a Virtual Assistant! She spent 4 years improving her skills and building relationships with clients so that when she was ready to grow her position and increase her income, every single client kept her on board in this new role. 

"I now cannot imagine trying to run my business without Jess. She is not just a contractor that helps with non-essential items, she is a valued team member that is key to my business’ overall success." – Gwen Bortner,

If you're ready to become the most valued member of an awesome team, get yourself a copy of this guidebook and let's get you started as a Virtual Assistant!

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Get Started as a Virtual Assistant

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